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Whats ethical about uranium?


What's ethical about uranium?

Jim Green
Friends of the Earth, Australia

Proponents of uranium mining and nuclear power argue that nuclear power is a necessary strategy in the battle against climate change. However, nuclear power could make only a modest dent in greenhouse emissions, it poses serious risks including WMD proliferation, and the existence of a plethora of more benign climate change abatement options obviates any need for nuclear power and does away with the false choice of fossil fuels vs. nuclear power.

Bulldozing Progress: Human rights abuses and corruption in Papua New Guineas large scale logging industry


The logging of human rights in PNG

Multinational logging companies operating in Papua New Guinea are involved in widespread human rights abuses, political corruption and the brutal suppression of workers, women and opponents, according to a new report.

'Bulldozing progress: Human rights abuses and corruption in PNG's large scale logging industry' is a report by the Centre for Environmental Law & Community Rights (CELCOR) and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

HRL - Burning Coal at Three Minutes to Midnight


The Corporate Watch report on HRL Ltd, in conjunction with Friends of the  Earth, 'Burning Coal at Three 
Minutes to Midnight' is now available. The report sheds light on the government grants and
business interests behind the proposed HRL coal fire power plant in the Latrobe Valley of Victoria.

With $150 million of state and federal government grants, this new coal fire power station has

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